Digital Forensic Technology

Training in the use of Chip Off.

Target Audience:
The training course has been designed for advanced practitioners who have previous experience in digital forensics and the investigation and examination of mobile devices and phones. The course translates the theory into practice and delivers a more blended learning approach based around interactive practical scenarios which are designed to protect the integrity and analysis of data in an independent way to ensure that it is of the standard required to form part of the criminal investigation and justice process.

Equipment required: None

Location: UK or Middle East


Digital Forensic Technology Course

1 Week

The ‘Chip Off’ digital forensics technology is the advanced method of extracting data by physically taking the flash memory chip from a mobile device via an intricate examination process involving the removal of the flash memory chip so that the raw data can be extracted via an external reader. When a device has been damaged and is non-functional the only way to extract the data is by using these invasive digital forensics techniques which require specialist digital precision engineering and skills.