Forensic Fusion – Digital and Physical Trace Evidence Training

The LSI have created a Forensic Fusion model of learning to bridge the gap between traditional and digital CSI. Competence in recovering both digital and physical trace evidence at crime scenes is crucial to the success of any investigation in the 21st century.  Digital traces are available from a wide variety of appliances from ‘Fitbits’ to fridges.  Physical traces are also likely to be present, so the modern CSI has to be aware of both to avoid inadvertent contamination as well as maximising evidence recovery.

With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity being increasingly prevalent at crime scenes, inadvertent contamination of digital evidence whilst successfully recovering physical traces, and vice versa, has become a serious issue.   Therefore, a new holistic approach is needed.

This approach recognises that Locard’s Principle, (‘every contact leaves a trace’ – the central doctrine of Forensic Science) applies equally to the digital and physical domains.  So consequently, both operational practice and training, need to reflect this reality.

LSI have therefore brought together subject matter experts from both sides to develop a unique suite of professional development products that provide the knowledge and skills required by CSIs, investigators, members of the judiciary and other actors in the judicial system who need an understanding of the evidential potential at modern crime scenes.  We believe that this is essential to support a democratic judicial system that vindicates the innocent and identifies the guilty.

For the CSI there is a complete professional development programme of 6 modules, from foundation skills to crime scene coordinator, each of which provide the knowledge and skills appropriate the respective role.  For example, successful completion of foundation skills module enables the individual to process minor or volume crime scenes, whilst the crime scene management module enables fully competent CSIs to develop the skills to manage a team of experts processing a serious or major crime scene.

In addition, there are a number of short workshops covering specific aspects of crime scene investigation as professional development opportunities for current CSIs and awareness events for investigators and other professionals.

Download our brochure on Forensic Fusion Here.