Crime Scene Investigation

We recognise that you only get one chance to recover potential evidence from the crime scene and this is often critical to the success of an investigation.  Evidence compromised can lead to justice denied.

LSI has developed an integrated programme of modules, mirroring the career pathway of a Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) from foundation skills to managing and coordinating resources at complex crime scenes. Our qualified trainers have extensive operational experience and have delivered professional development training both in the UK and Internationally.

The competence-based modules provide practical, scenario exercises combining a methodical approach with the requirements of international standards such as ISO 17020 and ILAC G19. This ensures that although each crime scene has unique challenges, the learners develop the required knowledge and practical skills to maximise the recovery of intelligence and potential evidence, whatever they are faced with.

Scientific developments in recent years have increased the opportunities to recover evidence from the tiniest of traces and on challenging surfaces and materials.  This combined with the revolution in digital technology means that fingerprints for example can be located, recorded, and securely transmitted directly onto a national database, identifying criminals in real time.

DNA can now be recovered from contact traces, without the need for visible body fluid staining, whilst 3D imaging and laser scanning have revolutionised the recording of crime scenes for the benefit of the investigative team, thereby obviating the need for attendance by all but the essential experts. Later in court, these images provide a visual ‘walk through’ record for a jury before anything at the scene was disturbed.

All these advances bring new challenges, particularly in the need to control access to prevent unintended contamination of the crime scene by police officers, CSIs, or other experts.  This is why the LSI programme incorporates the most up to date training in recording and recovery techniques as well as the critical anti-contamination procedures.

Consequently, whether you have a need for development in a specific area such as photography, specialist training at complex scenes such as suspicious fires or explosions or have individuals who require training from the foundation skills onwards, LSI can provide world class, value for money training tailored to the needs of your staff.

Whatever your training need we will be keen to discuss the most cost-effective options with you.