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What is ‘Chip Off’ Data Recovery and how can it be used in forensics

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital forensic technology, the need for effective and advanced methods of data extraction in forensic investigations has become paramount. One such technique gaining prominence is "chip-off" forensics, a method that involves physically removing memory chips from electronic devices to access and recover crucial data. In this article we introduce ‘Chip off’, how it is performed and explore what can be done with the technology.  

Forensic Fusion – Digital and Physical Trace Evidence Training

What is 'Forensic Fusion'? We examine why competence in recovering both digital and physical trace evidence at crime scenes is crucial to the success of any investigation in the 21st century.  Digital traces are available from a wide variety of appliances from ‘Fitbits’ to fridges.  Physical traces are also likely to be present, so the modern CSI has to be aware of both to avoid inadvertent contamination as well as maximising evidence recovery...

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