Provocative Thinking

‘The species can evolve, the individual can learn.  The viable system, of whatever kind can adapt.  This is a control device which takes the fortuitous out of randomness.’ Anthony Stafford Beer

Viability is essential for any institution, organisation or company.  Regardless of sector, scientific knowledge shows that they can tend to ‘reinstate’ themselves. Understandably, they take comfort in their own values, methods and culture.  The challenge is to balance such stability with the capacity to effectively adapt.

Digital transformations can be taxing in a rapidly changing and complex world.  Making sense of new data, information and knowledge affects us all.  Even small organisations can become tired and vulnerable to decline.

The infinite pursuit of success requires diverse thinking and meaningful insight.  This helps people and organisations to become flexible, purposeful and competitive.   Yet, the very insights that can drive your adaption can often be the most difficult to unlock.

As experienced professionals, from remarkable backgrounds, we are used to working with such challenges.

We have proven that the application of provocative thinking from the ‘outside’ can help to innovate, shape improvements and new services, even in the toughest of institutional settings.

We have proven that provocative scientific approaches have helped clients to shape policies, to reduce vulnerabilities and develop their organisations as viable adaptive systems.

We can apply provocative academic and business knowledge when it is needed most – to support you.

‘watch out for present problems but also those in the future, and try diligently to avoid them; for once problems are recognised ahead of their time, they can be easily cured.’ Niccolo Machiavelli